Film clips I use in my classroom

Peter Dutton FlickrFor inspiration, I attended a workshop on the use of film for trainers and coaches last week at the beautiful Art Deco Buitenhof cinema in The Hague. Robbert Braak (‘you are better than you think’) uses film to illustrate his story on The Hero’s Journey that forms the basis of his coaching and workshops. According to Braak, film can go straight to the heart, offers insights and illustrates behavior. Continue reading “Film clips I use in my classroom”

Workshop East-West Business Relations

PrintTry to cope with Dutch directness? Have difficulty understanding the circuitous answers of your Asian counterpart? Lead your team ahead, but is one member foot-dragging? Different ways of thinking and communicating not only make already stressful work situations even more stressful, but they also affect business success. Culture and personality differences can be stimulating and inspiring if handled well, but they can be extremely unpleasant when handled poorly. Continue reading “Workshop East-West Business Relations”