China Circle

China Circle is a consultancy specialized in China, communication and media. China Circle provides strategic advice, offers project management and training to organisations with activities that focus on China.

China Circle has extensive knowledge and expertise in the fields of cross-cultural communication, media and intercultural management. This enables us to put any development that involves both China and communication issues into context. We can spot both sensitivities and opportunities in China and Europe.

We offer the following services:

  • Strategic advice: China Circle advises organisations on strategic issues, specializing in (intercultural) communication and media. We evaluate existing China operations, conduct research into new possibilities and trends, organise brainstorms, do SWOT analyses and quick scans.
  • Project management: we have broad experience in managing China-related projects, especially related to communication, media and diversity. China Circle can initiate new projects and provide structure and coherence to existing projects. We aim for clear and concrete results.
  • Training: Chinese and European communications styles differ greatly. China Circle offers fun workshops on cross-cultural communication for you and your team, using exercises on perceptions and communication styles. To improve reflection on ourselves and understanding of others, we use the Diversity Icebreaker tool. In the workshops, Ardi Bouwers and Bei Wang will also look at your organisation and products through both a European/Dutch and a Chinese lens. This approach leads to much more effective communication between East/West counterparts, and will help you prevent and solve problems with clients.
  • Lecture and debate: Ardi Bouwers gives lectures and moderates debates about cross-cultural communication, (social) media, branding, journalism, public diplomacy and differences between China and the Netherlands. China Circle organises public meetings and inspiring in-company brainstorming sessions. Here’s an example of a Pechakucha presentation by Ardi in Guangzhou: 3 lessons about the Netherlands.


Ardi Bouwers

Ardi Bouwers has the unique combination of in depth knowledge of China and a broad experience in cross-cultural communication and journalism. She teaches at universities in both the Netherlands and China, on China in the 21st century and on cross-cultural communication. For example, at Amsterdam University College and Leiden University, and in the PRC at Xiamen and Jinan (Guangzhou) University. In media management, she has been responsible for over 200 professionals from around the globe. Furthermore, she is an experienced interviewer and moderator.

In the early 80s she studied Sinology at Leiden University and Nanjing University. Over the past 35 years she has seen China develop from an inward-looking communist country to the world power that it is today. She gives lectures, writes columns and acts as a debate moderator on a variety of China and cross-cultural communication related issues for the Hague Center for Strategic Studies (HCSS), the Free University of Amsterdam (VU), Rotary clubs and other organisations.

As deputy editor-in-chief of Radio Netherlands Worldwide she has set up a successful Chinese-language website (Helan online, 荷兰在线). She has in-depth expertise and experience in the international media industry, and in particular,on cross-cultural communication and management. Through her 35 years of experience in China and Asia, combined with intensive cooperation with colleagues from China, the Arab world and Africa, she has learned to effortlessly switch between different perspectives. Intercultural cooperation offers insight in other cultures, and also a fresh look at your own society.


Bei Wang

Bei Wang is an experienced media consultant and communication strategist specialized in China’s public sector and private sector.

Bei’s cross-border and cross-industry project expertise ranges from culture and fashion, journalism and education, to healthcare and sustainability.

In addition, Bei has been a successful manager in an international media organisation for many years.

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Clients for university courses, lectures, debates, workshops, project management and other China related activities are:
Amsterdam University College
– Jinan University in Guangzhou, School of Journalism and International School
– Xiamen University, School of Journalism and Communication
– Delft University, preparation for study trip to China of Industrial Design students
– Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, on China and media
Guangzhou Consulate of the Kingdom of the Netherlands
– Global Garden Lifestyle Festival, Guangzhou
Helan Online, RNW Media
– RNTC media training centre
Movies That Matter filmfestival
– Guanxi network
– Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies, University of Amsterdam
– Leiden Institute of Asian Studies
– China studies, Leiden University
– The Hague Center for Strategic Studies
– Rotary, Leiden
– Confucius Institute Groningen
– Prince Claus Fund
– Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Asia Carrousel)