Young China Circle is a joint initiative established by the consultancy firms China Circle and Krijger & Partners providing a platform for students and young professionals to discuss current developments surrounding China. YCC offers its members a voice to share their expertise and experience through interactive discussions, meet ups and workshops.

Start of YCC

In the spring of 2019, in partnership with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs, China Circle and Krijger & Partners organized a China College Tour guided by the central question ‘How do Dutch millennials view China’s rise?’. Off the back of lively discussions at universities across Netherlands, the consultancy firms presented the takeaways of the tour with students of the Netherlands-Asia Honours Summer School. Find the conclusions here.

The China College Tour shed light on the disconnect between the awareness of students on Chinese affairs and the lack of a platform to share it. In order to fill this gap, YCC was formed. During corona it proved to be difficult to organize events, but in 2023 we made a restart with a new team.

YCC Activities

YCC aims to keep the conversation surrounding China ongoing. The initiative will keep these objectives both on and offline by gathering numerous times a year for thematic discussions and workshops. On top of this, the community will be sharing ideas and articles on the YCC LinkedIn. We encourage the active participation of all our members to create an open and engaging community.

YCC members

Young China Circle members are students or young professionals that share an academic, experiential or personal link to China. Its members hold a variety of backgrounds – ranging from business, political to cultural sectors.

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Meet our Team


Ben Juurlink – Bachelor student Media Studies and Communication at the University of Amsterdam

Xiangxia van den Ham – Documentary Filmmaker and previously Policy Officer at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Yoran Nijenbanning – Government Trainee at DisGover

Rick Samaraweera – MSc International Relations at the University of Amsterdam

Emma Burgers – Junior Researcher at the LeidenAsiaCentre