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Vrouwen in China themamiddag

Tijd: Vrijdag 9 maart 2018 van 14.30 tot 17.30 uur
Waar: JoHo Centre, Paviljoensgracht 9 in Den Haag
Entree: 10 euro

Op 8 maart is het Internationale Vrouwendag en dit is voor Monique Groeneveld (China Inside), Inge Jansen (Mingbai) en Ardi Bouwers (China Circle) aanleiding om op vrijdagmiddag 9 maart in Den Haag een themamiddag rondom vrouwen in China te organiseren. Read more

Teaching International News Comparison in China

15 december 2017 | Very proud of my International Journalism class at Jinan University in Guangzhou ! During the month of November 2017, I gave lectures on culture, communication and media to this class and to MBA students of the JNU Business School. But most of my time I spent teaching an intensive course on International News Comparison and Analysis. The timing was perfect, with a couple of big news events, such as US president Trump visiting China and president Mugabe of Zimbabwe being forced to step down after losing support of the army. Read more