Telling the story of Guangzhou

How do you tell the story of Guangzhou? Up-and-coming Shenzhen is breathing down Guangzhou’s neck, with its narrative of whirlwind development from small fisherman’s town to Chinese Silicon Valley in 40 years. So the old city of Canton (as Guangzhou used to be called) is on a soul-searching mission and the Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences invited me to take a fresh look at the city using the technique of Storytelling. Continue reading “Telling the story of Guangzhou”

Help, everyone is a China expert !


If you gain some knowledge on a subject you knew nothing about, you tend to over-estimate your understanding. This reaction of ‘Now I know everything’ is a well-known phenomenon and it’s called the Dunning-Kruger effect. You feel like an expert! Continue reading “Help, everyone is a China expert !”

Film clips I use in my classroom

Peter Dutton FlickrFor inspiration, I attended a workshop on the use of film for trainers and coaches last week at the beautiful Art Deco Buitenhof cinema in The Hague. Robbert Braak (‘you are better than you think’) uses film to illustrate his story on The Hero’s Journey that forms the basis of his coaching and workshops. According to Braak, film can go straight to the heart, offers insights and illustrates behavior. Continue reading “Film clips I use in my classroom”

Workshop East-West Business Relations

PrintTry to cope with Dutch directness? Have difficulty understanding the circuitous answers of your Asian counterpart? Lead your team ahead, but is one member foot-dragging? Different ways of thinking and communicating not only make already stressful work situations even more stressful, but they also affect business success. Culture and personality differences can be stimulating and inspiring if handled well, but they can be extremely unpleasant when handled poorly. Continue reading “Workshop East-West Business Relations”

Recensie: Youth Cultures in China

Chinaese youth XH1 s

30 april 2018 | Wat betekent het om jong te zijn in een land dat zo snel verandert? Dat is de centrale vraag die Jeroen de Kloet, hoogleraar Globalisering van de Universiteit van Amsterdam, en Anthony Feng, hoogleraar aan de School voor Journalistiek en Communicatie van de Chinese Universiteit van Hong Kong, in dit boek proberen te beantwoorden. Continue reading “Recensie: Youth Cultures in China”

Weibo onder vuur wegens zelfcensuur

BNR logo2 16 april 2018   |  Chinees Twitter, Sina Weibo, heeft te maken met massale online protesten. Het bedrijf had aangekondigd content over homoseksualiteit te verwijderen. Maar na een opstand van de gebruikers voelt het zich gedwongen om terug te komen op die beslissing. Volgens Ardi Bouwers, sinologe en oprichter van China Circle, wilde Weibo het braafste jongetje van de klas zijn in het huidige verstikkende politieke klimaat.

Luister hier naar het interview dat BNR’s Petra Grijzen deed met Ardi:

Vrouwen in China themamiddag

vrouw karakter nu

Tijd: Vrijdag 9 maart 2018 van 14.30 tot 17.30 uur
Waar: JoHo Centre, Paviljoensgracht 9 in Den Haag
Entree: 10 euro

Op 8 maart is het Internationale Vrouwendag en dit is voor Monique Groeneveld (China Inside), Inge Jansen (Mingbai) en Ardi Bouwers (China Circle) aanleiding om op vrijdagmiddag 9 maart in Den Haag een themamiddag rondom vrouwen in China te organiseren. Continue reading “Vrouwen in China themamiddag”

Teaching International News Comparison in China

JNU class 2017 (2)15 december 2017 | Very proud of my International Journalism class at Jinan University in Guangzhou ! During the month of November 2017, I gave lectures on culture, communication and media to this class and to MBA students of the JNU Business School. But most of my time I spent teaching an intensive course on International News Comparison and Analysis. The timing was perfect, with a couple of big news events, such as US president Trump visiting China and president Mugabe of Zimbabwe being forced to step down after losing support of the army. Continue reading “Teaching International News Comparison in China”