Ardi Bouwers has the unique combination of in-depth knowledge about China - acquired during her studies in Leiden and over more than four decades of visiting the country - and a broad experience in cross-cultural communication, international journalism and broadcast management.

She gives keynote speeches to institutions of higher education, national and local government and business executives in the private sector. Furthermore, she teaches at different universities in both the Netherlands (on the politics, media and society of China in the 21st Century) and in China (mostly on storytelling, international journalism, cross-cultural communication and intercultural management).

Ardi is also an experienced interviewer and enthusiastic moderator of discussions.


The China Challenge - Commissioned by the LeidenAsiaCentre, China Circle and Krijger & Partners conducted a joint study focused on the influence of the highly politicized Chinese climate of doing business in and with China for Dutch companies.

Storytelling for Business

Hospitality for Chinese guests

Effective Negotiating Across Cultures & Effective Intercultural Leadership

Chinese Identity and History

Scenarios for China in 2049 - How Chinese individual tourists start travelling the globe, for Bencham (Benelux Chamber of Commerce) in Guangzhou and in Shenzhen.

You can also book Ardi Bouwers as a keynote speaker or discussion moderator via the international speakers bureau Athenas.

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“For a lot of Westerners, Asia is unknown territory. The keynote was tremendously insightful and presented by someone who seemed to have unlimited knowledge about the subject.”

“I really appreciated the consideration of a Chinese perspective, the lecturer's depth of knowledge and ability to communicate in a clear way.”

"The keynote was really fascinating even for someone who knew very little about China before.”

"I think Ms. Bouwers did a fantastic job of transitioning to online presenting” (during the Covid-19 crisis)

(NL) “We zijn nog aan het nagenieten van je presentatie. We hebben enorm veel positieve reacties ontvangen van je workshop” Marlies Steinebach, Director International Business, RAI Amsterdam



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