Ardi Bouwers has the unique combination of in-depth knowledge about China - acquired during her studies in Leiden and over more than three decades of visiting the country - and a broad experience in cross-cultural communication, journalism and broadcast management.

She gives keynote speeches to institutions of higher education, national and local government and in the private sector. Furthermore, she teaches at different universities in both the Netherlands (on the politics, media and society of China in the 21st Century) and in China (mostly on storytelling, international journalism, cross-cultural communication and intercultural management).

Ardi also is an experienced interviewer and enthousiastic moderator of discussions.

Recent keynote topics include:

  • China in the 21st Century, Culture and Identity, part of the China College Tour, an initiative of Krijger & partners, supported by the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Storytelling for Belt & Road Cities, at the Global Mayors Forum in Guangzhou
  • Telling the Story of Guangzhou, developing a new narrative, at the Guangzhou Academy of Social Sciences
  • Communication, Culture and Identity, for the MBA Business School of Jinan University in Guangzhou
  • Chinese History and Identity, at the Dutch national seminar for History Teachers
  • China in the 21st Century, a series of 8 keynotes on contemporary China, at HOVO of Leiden University
  • Chinese tourism, how Chinese individual tourists start travelling the globe, for Bencham (Benelux Chamber of Commerce) in Guangzhou and in Shenzhen.

For more information, please contact:  or  call +31-6-2323 4404

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You can also book Ardi Bouwers as a keynote speaker or discussion moderator via the international speakers bureau Athenas.

Watch a video of Ardi’s Pecha Kucha presentation in Guangzhou, China, on the Dutch identity and ‘square’ communication style: 3 lessons about the Netherlands.

Prices for keynotes range from 500 to 2000 euros, depending on length and whether the content is off-the-shelf, adapted or originally produced.