China Circle and Krijger & Partners conducted a joint study, commissioned by the LeidenAsiaCentre, examining how the current, highly politicised Chinese economic climate is influencing Dutch companies that are doing business in, and with, China. The report combines the analysis of trends with experiences and insights of business people (often with many years of China experience) themselves.

The report Alex Krijger and I worked on these past few months, interviewing many CEOs from Dutch businesses active in China, is available now. With recommendations for government and a China Checklist for companies. The report The China Challenge: Impact of the politicised business environment on Dutch companies in China is downloadable on the LeidenAsiaCentre website:

No ‘business as usual’ anymore
Dutch businesses prefer to avoid navigating sensitive political waters, leaving this to the political establishment. It has become clear, however, that this is no longer possible in the current Chinese context, due to a combination of geopolitical and Chinese political factors. It is not ‘business as usual’ anymore. The authors conclude that Dutch business would welcome additional guidance and support from government, employers’ organisations and other professionals.

Discretion and anonymity
The research report is based on a comprehensive review of scientific studies, business papers, and journalistic sources, as well as a series of conversations with senior Dutch business representatives. Discretion proved important, as many interviewees chose to remain anonymous. As a result of our approach and our joint network, the report offers many concrete examples of the experiences of Dutch business people in China and concludes with a China Checklist which might serve as a guide for Dutch companies that operate in China, or are preparing to do so.

An interview by LeidenAsiaCentre’s Lily Sprangers with both authors can be found here:

You can contact Ardi Bouwers or Alex Krijger for more information on the report and also for interactive China Business or Policy Lunches and inspiring China Masterclasses and Keynotes.

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