Eastern and Western communication and management styles differ greatly. China Circle offers fun workshops on intercultural communication, management and presentation skills for you and your team. We use lots of visual examples and exercises on diverging perceptions and communication styles.

Ardi Bouwers and Tao Yue are both certified trainers using the Intercultural Readiness Check and the Diversity Icebreaker.

Storytelling and presenting across cultures

Ardi's two decades of experience in international journalism has provided her with a sharp eye and ear for how a message comes across. She is perfectly equipped to help you and your team to tailor your presentation, video or brochure to an audience from another continent.  If you want intercultural feedback when preparing for an important keynote presentation, you can ask for one-on-one consulting sessions. If you want to adapt your video production or company brochure to a new audience, we offer customized workshops to make a group or a team more aware of cultural differences and barriers. Read more on Communication advice here.

Workshop option: Telling your story across borders.
Creating a new narrative for your services, cities, products and more.

For more information, please contact:
ardi@chinacircle.nl or call +31-6-2323 4404

Intercultural communication and management

Our Intercultural Readiness Check-group-workshop provides all participants with a deep understanding of their individual intercultural sensitivity, intercultural communication, skills of building commitment and managing uncertainty. Before the workshop, all participants will be asked to fill out a scientifically tested questionnaire and they receive a personal 10-page feedback report. That provides a firm basis for dealing with questions such as: How to improve communication with your Dutch or Chinese counterpart? What is a consequence of personality and what of cultural differences?

The Diversity Icebreaker tool enables us to learn about personality and East-West cultural differences in a non-threatening environment. Fill out a short questionnaire, discover your preferences and the differences between ‘me’ and ‘you’ in a light-hearted and fun way. The Diversity Icebreaker is also an excellent tool for an in-company training session, cementing ties in your Chinese/Dutch team, as it makes people reflect, ask, listen and talk to each other.

We also offer Personal Coaching on the basis of your IRC, especially aimed at managers and team members of Dutch companies operating in China and vice versa. We will deal with questions such as: How to cope with diversity in your team? How to lead your team when one colleague is un-cooperative? How to perform well, if your boss seems to ignore you? How to make your partner feel at home in The Netherlands or China, too?

For more details and information on rates, contact: ardi@chinacircle.nl or call +31-6-2323 4404.

To give you an indication of our rates: A standard 3-hour workshop for a small group costs 600 euro (ex VAT).
For larger groups we work with 2 facilitators, and the cost for a standard workshop is 1000 euro.
Of course, our workshops and training sessions can be tailored to your specific needs. Prices will then be higher, depending on extra preparation and development time. All workshops are suitable for diverse groups and teams: Dutch and Chinese, Asian and European or any other East-West mix.

We prefer small workshop groups, with a minimum of 6 and maximum of 16 participants.
Coaching is individual, unless you request group coaching.
We often work with two facilitators, one from Europe and one from Asia.

Wonderful workshop space

You are more than welcome in our workshop space – with a zen-like atmosphere and an intimate green garden  – in the center of The Hague. We offer excellent espresso, tasty teas, cookies & chocolate and more. The space has proven to be excellent for half-day, full-day and even two-day training and workshop sessions. Another location of your choice is possible as well.

A selection of our workshop themes

Workshop: Telling your story across borders.
Creating a new narrative for your services, cities, products and more.

Workshop: Effective leadership across cultures.
About hierarchy, feedback and trust.

Workshop: Negotiating in the Netherlands and China
for Dutch, Chinese and other internationals

Workshop: Circles and straight lines:
Understanding and improving East-West communication.

Workshop: Why do we have to adapt (and not them)?
About perceptions, intentions and what is considered 'normal'.

For more information, please contact:
ardi@chinacircle.nl or call +31-6-2323 4404