China Circle specializes in East-West communication, storytelling and media. We advise commercial, governmental and non-governmental organisations on intercultural communication issues in general. But our hearts start to beat faster when you allow us to take a critical look at your communication products – ranging from promotion videos, powerpoint presentations to company brochures – in order to customize them with a specific audience in mind.

For Dutch and European organisations

We can add a Chinese touch (Chinese audiences always appreciate it when you include some Chinese text in your presentation slides, for example) and make sure you include relevant data and the right tone of voice. We can also advise on how to deal with or steer clear of sensitive cultural or political issues.

For Chinese organisations

We can help with the way you tell your story, the type of information you present, your choice of messenger, the overall design and (last but not least) the length of your presentation, video or brochure. You will probably want to use fewer data/figures for Europeans than you would for a Chinese audience. Your videos need to tell your story in less than 3 minutes. And be aware that long lists dates, figures and Chinese names will not stick easily for a non-Chinese audience.

Strategic advice

More generally, we are also well-equipped to offer strategic advice, evaluate existing operations, analyze strenghts and weaknesses of your current programmes and present sound suggestions for improvement. Our advice always includes suggestions for helping you tell your (new) story in an effective way.

Training and workshops

We love to involve different teams in your organisation in the process of developing new stories and communication products. One way of doing that is by way of fun, interactive and eye-opening training sessions and workshops. Those in-company sessions will make team members aware of cultural barriers and how to overcome them.
We can also provide one-on-one training to help prepare for an important keynote presentation.


We also conduct on-demand research into new trends in China on communication, storytelling and media related issues, in your field of business.

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