China Circle’s Ardi Bouwers was invited by the Dutch current affairs television program Nieuwsuur (News Hour) to discuss the Chinese media narrative surrounding the Coronavirus. Watch the fragment here (in Dutch).



China Circle’s Ardi Bouwers was invited by BNNVara’s Na het Nieuws to shed a light on Chinese celebrations and on China’s rise. Host Renze Klamer invites a fresh batch of opinion leaders. Watch the 30-minute programme (in Dutch) by clicking this link.



BNR News Radio dedicated a full week of hour-long interviews to China in its Big Five-series, presented by Roelof Hemmen. Ardi was asked about her experience as a lecturer in Journalism and Communication at a university in Guangzhou. She also talked about a broad selection of subjects, ranging from Xi Jinping’s visit to her university, media narratives, censorship cultural differences, Chinese customers and the social credit system. A privilege to get the opportunity to participate in this in-depth series.
Listen to the broadcast here (in Dutch).


China specialist with 4 decades of experience, strategy advisor, university lecturer on China in the 21st century and media & journalism. Looking East from the Netherlands and West from China.

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