Try to cope with Dutch directness? Have difficulty understanding the circuitous answers of your Asian counterpart?
Lead your team ahead, but is one member foot-dragging? Different ways of thinking and communicating not only make already stressful work situations even more stressful, but they also affect business success. Culture and personality differences can be stimulating and inspiring if handled well, but they can be extremely unpleasant when handled poorly.

East-West communication styles couldn’t be more different: diplomatic versus straight-to-the-point. Join us for a workshop about cultural differences, interpersonal relations and communication gaps. Working and communicating with people from other cultures is fun, and even more so if you learn how to adjust your style to get your message across effectively.

We, Ardi Bouwers and Leon Nijhof, have decades of hands-on experience in Europe and Asia, in intercultural communication, advice on building alliances and interim management. We want to share our insights in East-West interpersonal relations in business and discuss how to adjust your style to make the best of awkward situations.

We will discuss requirements for internationally operating entrepreneurs and managers, decision-making processes, trust issues and much more. We offer an interactive, serious and fun workshop at a beautiful location – a 19th century residence in the center of The Hague – in order to become even more effective in East-West business relations.

Time: Wednesday June 13, 2.00 – 5.00 pm
Place: Surinamestraat 38, 2585 GK The Hague
Cost: 295 euro (per person, excl. VAT, incl. coffee, tea and drinks)

Reserve your seat now!
Send your mail to: or call 06-2323 4404 for more information and registration.

China specialist with 4 decades of experience, strategy advisor, university lecturer on China in the 21st century and media & journalism. Looking East from the Netherlands and West from China.

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